Alphabet Activities: Letter Harvest

Welcome back to the Playful Preschool Series.  Signs of Fall are in the air.  The past few weeks we have been exploring apples, family and farms. This week’s Playful Preschool theme is harvest and we have a lively gross motor alphabet activity that will help your little one work on recognizing letters and letter sounds!

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Alphabet Activities:  Letter Harvest is a fun gross motor game to build letter recognition and letter sounds from #playfulpreschool

Letter Harvest Alphabet Activity

Why We Chose This Alphabet Activity

My kids fell in love with the book Hardscrabble Harvest by Dahlov Ipcar.  It’s a story of a family on a farm and the many animals that try to eat their crops.  The ducks are eating the strawberries.  The crows are snatching the seeds and the raccoons are in the corn at night.  After all the hard work of keeping the animals out of the fields, Autumn arrives and the family can harvest and enjoy their bounty.

Many preschoolers are working on letter identification and letter sounds.  Inspired by Hardscrabble Harvest, we came up with a gross motor game to to work on alphabet knowledge and sounds.  We call it Alphabet Harvest.

Preparing the Letter Harvest

Materials needed for two players:  alphabet blocks and 2 construction cones or “home bases”


1. Scatter the alphabet blocks across the grass.

2. Set a cone at each end of the playing area.

How to Play

Each player (an animal) stands at a construction cone (their home).  The adult or another child acts as the farmer.  The farmer calls, “letter harvest”.  The players then run to the field to take a letter.  They have to make it back to their home before the farmer tags them.

alphabet activities: letter harvesting

If the player makes it home before the farmer tags them, they name the letter they harvested.  If they are correct, they keep the letter at their home. If they are incorrect, the alphabet letter is returned to the “field”.

If the player is tagged, they have to put the letter back into the field.

Play continues until all of the letters have been harvested.

Variation:  For kids who know their letters, they can say the letter sound instead of naming the letter.

My kids loved this activity and worked up quite a sweat playing as did their Mommy.  A win-win in my book!

We’ve teamed up with some great bloggers to share themed preschool ideas to help you with your little ones.  Each Wednesday you will find literacy, math, science, social studies, cooking, technology, music and more ideas based on a theme.

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  1. This is SO GREAT! The act of “Harvesting letters” gets kids moving, learning, and having fun.

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  13. What a great idea for active learning! This would have been awesome for my son with ADHD when he was younger… wondering if I could morph it into something that works for a 9 year old…

    • Erin, I think you could totally adapt it for older children. Instead of letters you could use spelling words and have him spell the word that he “harvests”. Or use vocabulary words and have him define the word or use it in a sentence. Have fun!

  14. I love hearing about new books – I haven’t read that one yet! Love the movement and literacy involved in the “harvest”!

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