August Table Topics

It’s time for the August Table Topics!   Each month conversation starters are shared with you to use at the table to get your kids talking.  This month’s  table topics all “Guess what I am” clues.

Conversation starters to get your kids talking at the dinner table from Growing Book by Book.

August is a great time to start the table topic project.  The kids are going back to school and new routines are being put into place.  Why not spark dinner conversation each night this fall!

All you need to do is print the August Table Topics.  Cut them apart. Place them in a decorative container and set it on your dinner table.  Each day, select one topic to read aloud and discuss.  Now, let’s get talking!

– I grow on a tree.  I have a pit.  I am juicy and sweet.  Guess what I am.  (peach)

– I have four legs and a long neck.  You might see me at a zoo or in Africa.  Guess what I am.  (giraffe)

– I’m bright and hot.  I live in the sky.  Don’t try to look directly at me.  You don’t see me at night.  Guess what I am. (sun)

– My name starts with the letter “t” and ends with the letter “t”.  I’m even filled with “t”.  Guess what I am.  (teapot)

– I’m a 2-digit number.  I’m less than 8 +5.  I’m more than 7 + 3.  I’m odd.  Guess what number I am. (11)

– I am a farm animal.  I can be brown, black or white.  I give you milk.   My young are called a calf.  Guess what I am.  (cow)

– I’m made of milk.  You might find me in your refrigerator.  I’m full of holes.  I taste good on a sandwich.  Guess what I am.  (Swiss cheese)

-I have black and white keys.  My sound is beautiful.  You use your hands to play me.  Guess what I am.  (piano, organ, or accordion)

– You might see me after a rain shower on a sunny day.  People like to take pictures of my pretty colors.  Some think you find a pot of gold at the end of me.  Guess what I am.  (rainbow)

-I have two daughters.  I live in a big white house.  The country voted for me to lead the United States of America.  Guess who I am.  (President Barack Obama)

-I grow underground.  My body is brown and my inside is white.  You might like to mash me or fry me.  Guess what I am.  (potato)

-You use me to scoop dirt, snow or sand.  I have a handle.  Guess what I am.  (shovel)

-I am a small creature that you usually find by ponds.  My young are called tadpoles.  Guess what I am.  (frog)

– I use a long track.  I carry heavy loads.  I travel all across the country.  Guess what I am.  (train)

– I’m greater than 40 and less than 50.  My ones digit is the same number of sides you find on a triangle.  Guess what number I am.  (43)

– I’m a fruit that grows on a tree.  I’m full of vitamin C.  My color is the same as my name.  Guess what I am.  (orange)

-I hiss.  I can be poisonous.  I am long with a forked tongue.  Guess what I am (snake)

-You might find me in a dark closet.  I have a tongue.  I also have laces.  You wear me on your foot.  Guess what I am.  (shoe)

Each month there will be a theme to the table topics.  Some are fun.  Some are serious.  All are meant to get your creative juices flowing and develop language skills.  Here is a look at the year.

January-  What if…                                                                 July- What would you do if…

February- All about the USA                                                August- Guess what I am

March- Name as many things as you can that…            September- If you could be…

April- Jokes and Riddles                                                       October- Fun facts about animals

May- Storytelling                                                                    November- Gratitude

June- All about food                                                               December- Memories

Check back at the end of August to get the September topics.  Better yet,  subscribe to our RSS Feed so that you don’t miss any of this year’s topics!  You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest.

Happy table talking!

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  1. Oh, these are great! I love ideas for meal time talk! Without prompting my family will revert to reading, which isn’t terrible, but would rather have the time for conversation!

  2. Great puzzles, and I need to check out your previous editions. We love dinner conversation starters and prompts.

  3. I love these! I’ve started a conversation jar, we don’t use it every night, but it’s fun when we do. Sometimes I grab a handful when we’re going out to eat.
    I can’t wait to add these! Thanks for linking up to the After School Party

  4. Family dinners are SO important to me. Thanks for making dinner conversation a whole lot more fun! I’m featuring this tomorrow at the After School Linky Party. Stop by my blog to check it out and keep sharing your ideas and activities!