Big Brown Bear Goes to Town- Virtual Book Club

It’s time again for the Virtual Book Club hosted by Toddler ApprovedRainy Day Mum and The Educator’s Spin On It.  Each month a different author is featured.  Everyone participating then selects a book by the chosen author and creates an activity to accompany the book.  The featured author for January is David McPhail.

We choose Big Brown Bear Goes to Town which was published in 2006.  It’s a story of a bear who discovers his friend, the rat, has a car that fills up with water every time it rains. Bear sets out to remedy the situation by purchasing a mailbox for rat to keep his car nice and dry.  Bear knows that a mailbox keeps his mail dry so why wouldn’t it keep rat’s car dry too.

After reading, we played a game of “Letter Delivery”.

First, we scattered alphabet letters on the floor (This is usually the norm around our house anyway!).  Using a little yellow car similar to rat’s car in the story, my two year-old enjoyed driving letters to the mailbox.  Sometimes I would call out a letter for him to get and other times he named the letter he was delivering.

You could have the car “deliver” sight words, vocabulary words or word family words.

No matter which letters or words you use, this is a quick and fun way to practice.  It’s a great way to integrate literacy building with a gross motor activity.

Don’t forget to check out other books and activities centered around David McPhail’s work at one of the Virtual Book Clubs hosting sites.  At each of the hosting sites you will find others who have linked up their ideas.  And, join us next month for Dr. Seuss books!

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  1. Lovely activity to go along with the book! Depending on the car chosen balancing the letters could be an added challenge.

  2. I love your virtual book club and your alphabet letter truck idea!

  3. What fun! This is the only David McPhail book left to read in our pile. I’m excited to try your letter delivery activity after we do!

  4. oh wow, I love the letter delivery idea

  5. What a great activity. We will have to put this book on our library list. We had so much fun with Boy, Bird and Dog.

  6. Featured this today on Mom’s Library! Thanks for sharing!