Erase Me Rhyming Activity

We are kicking into full gear with our early childhood themes that the Early Childhood Education Team will feature this year!  This week is All About Me.  I’m sharing a playful phonological awareness activity to build rhyming skills.

Build phonological skills with this rhyming activity. It's super easy and fits great with an all about me theme study too.

Just a reminder that phonological awareness activities are oral activities.  They are meant to strengthen hearing and speaking of language and phonemes.

Rhyming Activity

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Why We Chose This Activity

My boys love, love, love to rhyme.  The book that really sparked their interest in rhyming was the Rhyming Dust Bunniesby Jan Thomas.  It’s one of our all time favorite books.  We play rhyming games all the time.  The following activity came from combining their love of rhyming and drawing.

Setting Up

Materials Needed: dry erase markers, dry erase board or plastic pocket, sponge or cloth

1.  We picked up plastic sleeve pockets from the dollar bins at Target.  We just slid a blank piece of white paper inside to make  our “dry erase board”.  You can also use a traditional dry erase board or window too.

erase me rhyming board activity

2.  Draw a person on the board.

3.  Have a little sponge or cloth ready to be the eraser.

Time to Play

erasing a rhyme

Read each rhyme to the child.  The child gets to erase the part of the person that completes each rhyme.  You can download the free rhyme sheet to use.

Why is there a bear in a chair sitting in my ________? (hair)

I think that bug just might land right in my ________. (hand)

Did someone put ants in my _________? (pants)

Oh dear oh dear, there is a bee near my ______. (ear)

Bye, bye little flies, it’s time for me to close my _____. (eyes)

Sound the alarm, there is a monkey on my _____. (arm)

Get the hose and clean out my _____. (nose)

Did you hear the news? I have two brand new _____ .(shoes)

Please brush this sand off my ____. (hand)

I can’t hear you.  I think I have something stuck in my ____. (ear)

Pigs live on a farm and a duck just landed on my ____. (arm)

A breeze just blew in from the south blowing some dust right into my ______(mouth)

You may need to repeat the rhyme more than one time and emphasize the word that your child needs to rhyme.

Enjoy rhyming with your child and building phonological skills!

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