Name Activities: Feather Letter Turkey

It’s time for our weekly Playful Preschool Series .  Last week we explored an alphabet activity all about scarecrows.  This week we have a fun name activity to support our theme- feathers.

Learning your name takes lots of repetition.  This activity provides an opportunity to practice spelling your child’s name and has a fun seasonal twist.

Name Activities:  Turkey Feathers

A fun Thanksgiving themed craft to practice learning your name from

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Why We Chose This Activity

My now 4 year-old has been doing lots of playful learning activities to practice spelling his name.  There is no other word more important to a preschooler than their very own name!

We have also been busy preparing Thanksgiving decorations for our house.  So, we came up with this fun activity that will help make our house more festive and work on an important literacy skill.

Preparing Letter Feather Turkey

Materials needed: small paper plate, brown crayon, construction paper (red, orange and brown), 2 googly eyes, scissors, marker and glue

coloring skills in preschool

1.  Have your child color the paper plate brown.

2.  Cut and attach the feet,  bill and caruncle.  Also attach the eyes.

3.  Cut and label a feather from construction paper for each letter in your child’s name.

Note:  Your child may be able to do step 2 and 3 on their own.

4.  Hide the letter feathers in a designated space.

Playing Letter Feather Turkey

First, your child will go on a feather hunt and collect all the feather letters.

learning your name feather turkey activity from

Have your child arrange the feather letters in the correct order to spell their name.  You may want to have the name written down to use as a reference. Glue each feather in order on the turkey.

Not only do you have a fun name activity, but you have a special decoration keepsake!

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  1. Great activity that I’m going to try today to help my four year old with her name.

  2. Now that’s adorable AND educational! I love it! Pinning!

  3. This is perfect! My son is also working on learning to spell his name. Great idea!

  4. I love this activity. We will try this with our kids this week. They know how to spell their names aloud, but are still working on arranging the letters correctly on paper. Thank you!

  5. Our 3 year old loves his name, too! Everybody knows him by his full name. If anyone ever says just Scott, he stops them and has them repeat his full name. He’s gonna love this activity! We have some fun turkey poems that would be fun to recite while we play with his turkey.

  6. this is a cute craft and one that my 4 y/o will love!!

  7. Jodie – I love this name turkey. Such a great way to encourage name recognition with the seasonal theme!

  8. Stopping by from the Good Tips Tuesday Linky! This is adorable! Pinning!

  9. This is a great idea – my 4 year old loves to write his name too – I am sure he would love to see it as a turkey tail! 😉

  10. Great idea! Thanks for linking up with Good Tips Tuesday! Featuring you this week


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