Learning With Preschool Songs: The Leaves of the Trees

We are now in our second month of the Playful Preschool Series.  The past few weeks we have been exploring apples, familyfarms and harvest. This week’s Playful Preschool theme is leaves!  We came up with a fun preschool song to inspire lots of literacy learning.

A fall themed song and activity perfect for preschoolers and from growingbookbybook.com #playfulpreschool

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The Leaves of the Trees Song

Why We Chose This Activity

The leaves are just beginning to change colors in the Midwest.  We’ve been reading about leaves, talking about leaves and collecting leaves.

My kids also love to sing.  Their all-time favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus.  So, we decided to change the words to fit our leaf theme and came up with a cute song that is also packed with literacy learning opportunities.

We took the words to the song and wrote them on a large piece of paper to do lots of letter and word exploration!

Preparing for Playful Learning

Materials needed:  lyrics to the song, large paper, markers, pointer, wikki-stix (optional)

Write the words for the song on the large paper.  Add picture clues above the following words:  leaves, trees, and pile.  You can also write the color words (red, yellow and orange) in the corresponding color.

Here are the song lyrics.  You can also download the free printable of The Leaves of the Trees.

The Leaves of the Trees

The leaves on the trees turn red, yellow and orange.

red, yellow and orange

red, yellow and orange

The leaves on the trees turn red, yellow and orange

in my town.

Additional Verses

The gusty winds blow through the trees.

The leaves on the trees fall to the ground.

We make a pile by raking the leaves.

Now it is time to jump in the pile.

How to Use the Song

First, just enjoy singing the song over and over and over again!

You can listen to me sing it below!

When your child is comfortable with the song you are ready to do some exploring of the print.  Here are several ideas for using preschool songs to teach about letters and words.

Using songs to build literacy skills from growingbookbybook.com

  • If your child is working on letter identification, use the wikki-stix to find a designated letter on the chart.
  • Practice distinguishing between a letter and a word.  Count the number of words on each line.  It’s helpful to clap the words as you count them.

Pointers are great for tracking print and pointing out letters or words.

  • Use a pointer to track the print as you sing.  If your child is ready, they can track the print instead of you.
  • If your child is learning words, pick a few to focus on and find.  I would suggest the.  It’s a high-frequency word and is used several times in the song.

using chart paper to help kids write "big" from growingbookbybook.com

  • Let your child practice writing a letter or word that they see.  I left extra room at the bottom of the chart for this work.

The Playful Preschool team has many more ideas for learning about leaves. Check them out below and join us again next week when we explore nighttime.

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  1. Awesome! Awesome! I can’t wait to try! This is a wonderful idea for my son to work on letters and words and following along. He loves music!

  2. This is so much fun! I love the song and the print work is a fantastic extension.

  3. What a great song to teach about Fall colors. I love that you added a pre-reading activity using the lyrics.

  4. We used to do lots of songs on big charts in my kindergarten classroom, but I haven’t done them much with my preschooler – thanks for the reminder. This is an awesome activity for literacy and music!

  5. I love the song – I now have it stuck in my head great idea with the board and working at the different stages of the child.

  6. Oh I love this! Letter recognition,writing skills and a song.

  7. This is fantastic – I shall show my son this.

  8. Brilliant!

  9. Love this song for fall! It a great way to encourage rhythm and literacy! Love the Wikki Stix for letter identification, too.:)

  10. What a fun song thanks for sharing!

  11. Love this song, thank you! The ways you’ve extended it with the chart is right up my alley! 🙂

  12. So your song is now etched in my brain! 🙂 I love how you made the transition from creating and singing your song to exploring print.

  13. What a super fun song Jodie! I love how animated you are in your video when you sing the song. Your extension activity is brilliant. Pinning 🙂

  14. I love the little picture drawings! I’m going to see if my son is interested in it because he is constantly making books.

  15. Great song! I think my toddler would love to sing Leaves song with Wheels on the bus tune! 🙂 Love how you combined song and learning. Great resource for any parent or preschool teacher! Thank you for adding this post to Tots at Play: L is for Leaves linky. You’re welcome to add any of your newly published posts or those from archives to any of our existing (or future) Tots at Play linkies. Now I’m off to schedule this and to promote it a bit around the net. 🙂 Thank you again!


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