Celebrities and Books

What do Barack Obama, Jerry Seinfeld, Jamie Lee Curtis, Peyton Manning, Madonna, Steve Martin, Jeff Foxworthy and Julie Andrews all have in common?  They and many other celebrities have written a children’s book.  Actually, it’s pretty amazing how many celebrities have written children’s books.   Let me just say…  Most celebrities should stay away from writing books for children because they just aren’t very good at it!  The majority of books by celebrities that I read for this piece were just plain awful.

There are a few exceptions to the previous statement.  So, let’s look at the positive side of this topic and explore some of the better written books by celebrities.

We’ll start off with…

Jamie Lee Curtis can write!  She has penned 9 books including my favorite, Is There Really a Human Race?  It’s about our journey in life and the choices we make along the way.   Each of her books explores themes such as self-esteem, imagination, and family.  Her books are geared at the preschool through grade 3 crowd.  Check out her newest book, My Mommy Hung the Moon.  It’s a love story between a mom and her child.

Next up…

Bill Cosby!  He created a series of beginning reader books based on the character, Little Bill.  Since these are easy reader books, the writing is simplistic.  But, I do like how Cosby handles issues that kids deal with in a caring and loving manner.  Each book includes a page to caregivers from a child psychologist regarding the topic of that book.

And finally…

Julie Andrews has paired with her daughter to write a series of books about princesses.  The Very Fairy PrincessThe Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage and their latest, The Very Fairy Princess:  Here Comes the Flower Girl! all deal with letting your inner “sparkle” out.  The illustrations are beautiful and compliment the text well.  Take a look at the trailer for The Very Fairy Princess.

So, here you have three celebrity authors that are worth checking out.  Do you have a favorite book by a celebrity?

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