The Tale of Peter Rabbit ABC Carrot Patch

I say, “Beatrix Potter.”  You say, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit!”  Yep, it’s a classic book for kids.  And this month it is our featured book for Virtual Book Club for Kids.  We have a super cute carrot patch alphabet activity to compliment the book too.

If you are new to Virtual Book Club for Kids here is a little background.  The Educators’ Spin On It, Toddler Approved and Rainy Day Mum have put together a wonderful line-up of great books to explore.  Talented bloggers share activities to compliment the books.  You are invited to try out as many of the ideas that you feel would be a good fit for your kids.

Play this fun ABC carrot patch game to compliment the book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

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The Book:  The Tale of Peter Rabbit

In The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter and his siblings set out for the day, but Peter takes a detour into Mr. McGregor’s garden. He encounters lots of mischief during his visit. When he arrives at home, mother is ready with a consequence for his behavior.

ABC Carrot Patch


Materials Needed: brown felt, green felt, carrot printable (free download below), alphabet beads and scissors

1.Cut brown patches of dirt from the brown felt. I cut 4 patches from one felt piece.

Cut the alphabet carrot letters.

2.Print and cut the carrot letters.


3.Gather the green felt and alphabet beads (seeds).


Decide on four letters that your child needs to work on identifying. Pick the four carrots (uppercase) and four letter beads (lowercase) out and set them next to the work surface.

Lay the green piece of felt on the work surface. Have your child place the four dirt patches on the green felt piece.

Ask your child to plant the four carrot seeds (lowercase letter beads) in the dirt. One letter goes in each dirt pile. Have your child name the letter and sound as he “plants” the carrot seeds.

Then, have your child pretend to water the seeds.

Playing the alphabet game to compliment the story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Now it’s time to watch the carrot letters grow. Have your child place the matching carrot on each dirt pile. For example, the uppercase A carrot goes on top of the lowercase a seed. Again, encourage your child to say the sound for each letter. Continue until all carrots have been placed on the correct piles.

Finally, harvest the carrots. “Pick” the carrots and name a word that begins with each letter sound.

I don’t think Mr. McGregor would mind if Peter was learning his letters and sounds while in the garden!

See the ABC Carrot Patch game and three other carrot literacy ideas in the video below.

Carrot Themed Literacy IdeasCarrot Themed Literacy Ideas

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  1. I just love this idea! It would be great for any garden or plant theme.

  2. I love how the letters are “growing up!” So cute!

  3. What a cute and creative way to practice letters 🙂

  4. I love the video. Great ideas as always and it is an excellent way to present.Thank you for all the wonderful printables and the great ideas. Just what I needed at this point in the year. Please keep the videos coming.


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