Books for Kids: Favorite Easy Readers from 2013

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Recently I’ve read over 70 easy readers and chapter books as a panelist for the Cybils awards.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite easy readers that have been published this year.

Easy readers are geared towards children who are still unlocking the process of decoding words.  The text is generally limited to words that can be sounded out, rhyme or are considered high-utility words.  The text is generally heavily supported by picture clues to help the young reader.

There are lots of books on the market that fall short in this category.  However, here are 1o beginning readers from this year that really meet the mark!

Books for Kids: 10 Favorite Easy Readers from

Books for Kids:  Easy Readers

Urgency Emergency! Big Bad Wolf by Dosh Archer is the story of a choking wolf who is rushed to the hospital.  At the same time a little girl in a red coat has been found and can’t find her granny.  Can the doctor and nurse save the day?  I thought this was a fun extension of the story, Little Red Riding Hood.  Archer also has another book called Urgency Emergency!  Itsy Bitsy Spider.

I’m a Frog by Mo Willems is one of the latest in the Elephant and Piggie series.  In this episode, Piggie teaches Elephant how to pretend.  Mo Willems does a great job of conveying meaning with his illustrations and entertaining the audience with his dialogue.

Poppy the Pirate Dog by Liz Kessler is a short adventure chapter book and is the story of a family and their pirate dog who just happens to be a little afraid of boats.

Benjamin Bear Bright Ideas! by Philippe Coudray is a fun introduction to graphic novels.  Each “story” is told on one page.  “Reading” the illustrations and making inferences is important to understanding each mini story.

Penny and Her Marble by Kevin Henkes is the story of Penny the mouse who finds a marble in her neighbor’s yard and decides whether or not to keep it.  Henkes does a great job of relating to kids and the thought process they may use when making such a decision.

Outdoor Surprises:  I Am a Reader! Frog and Friends by Eve Bunting is the fifth book in the Frog and Friends series.  Kids will enjoy the adventures of Frog and his friends:  Rabbit, Possum, Raccoon and Squirrel.

Love is in the Air by Jonathan Fenske is a refreshing tale in the sea of beginning readers.  I reviewed the book when it came out earlier this year.  Just click on title to take you to that review!

Squirrel’s Fun Day by Lisa Moser is a funny tale of how Squirrel tries to make sure his friends all have a fun day.

Monkey and Elephant Get Better by Carole Lexa Schaefer is the story of two friends who are both battling colds.  Each of the animals tries to think of what would make the other feel better.

Bink and Gollie:  Best Friends Forever by Kate DiCamillo and Allison McGhee is a funny book about two friends.  In this tale, Gollie thinks she is related to royalty.

What are some of your favorite books for beginning readers?  Stay tuned on January 1, 2014 to see the finalists that the Cybils judges have nominated!


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  1. Ooh, thanks! This has given me a whole new list for the next time we hit the library!

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