Alphabet Activities: ABC Stick Flags

The Playful Preschool Series  is focusing on outdoor fun this month.  The theme this week is sticks.  We are sharing alphabet activities that will get the kids moving.

Alphabet Activities

3 fun alphabet activities to use with flag sticks perfect for 4th of July activities for the kids.

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Why We Chose This Activity

Oh my goodness, I wish I would have taken a picture of the inside of our van before I cleaned it out last weekend.  I can’t tell you the countless number of sticks that covered the floor.  My two boys are obsessed with collecting sticks when we are out and about.

So, when I found out the theme for this week was sticks, I knew we had plenty to work with at our house!

Setting Up

Materials needed:sticks, foam sheets (red, white and blue), permanent marker, plastic ball

Making alphabet stick flags for 3 alphabet activities.

Make your ABC flag sticks by writing a letter of the alphabet on each foam sheet.  Cut two slits on the foam so that you can slide a stick through each flag.  That is it!  You are ready to use your flags in the yard for one or all of the games below.

Time to Play

ABC March

Spread out the flags across the yard.  Have the kids start at the “a” flag and then march to “b” to “c” all the way to “z” singing the alphabet song or maybe “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

How Far Can You Throw?

Play flag stick fit ball! It's a fun alphabet activity for kids.

Line the flags up in a line or randomly.  Each child takes a turn throwing a plastic ball as far as he or she can.  They have to name the letter on the flag that is closest to their ball.

Flag and Star Match

A matching stars and flag alphabet activity.

Randomly place the uppercase flags around the yard.  The kids take turns delivering a lowercase star to each corresponding flag.

Can you think of other alphabet games to play with the ABC stick flags?


10 Outdoor Alphabet Activities

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Stick Man

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  1. What a fun activity – I too have a car covered with sticks, shells, rocks and pine cones!

  2. Danielle says:

    Smart idea and fun games! My son collects sticks too. Right now we have some in our car and on our kitchen counter. 🙂

  3. Great simple idea for literacy fun outdoors! Also love your Summer Literacy Activities page. Great resources! (Visiting from Good Tips Tuesday.)


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