Ice Slide Segmenting Activity

My kids are obsessed with ice. On these cold days, they can find the tiniest patch of ice outside within seconds.  And, don’t get me started with the ice maker on our refrigerator.  I’m channeling that ice interest with this Ice Slide Segmenting Activity to help build phonological awareness.  Specifically, we are working on segmenting.

This game builds phonological awareness by focusing on individual phonemes (sounds) we hear in simple cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words (like cat, hen, dog).  In this activity, we will segment words into phonemes.

Ice Slide Segmenting Activity is a fun phonemic awareness game to play. This playful ice activity teaches kids to segment words which helps in learning to read.


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Materials needed : 1 aluminum loaf pan, small bowl or wedge, large glass or plastic container, and small penguin toys

To prepare for this activity, you will need to start at least four hours before you plan to play.

making an ice slope slide

  1. Fill the aluminum loaf pan with water.  As you fill the pan, tilt it one side to create a soon to be slope.  Place a small bowl or wedge under the pan inside a larger container.  Freeze until solid.  We made ours the night before.
  2. Select three penguin toys that will  be do well sliding (here are the ones we used.)
  3. When you are ready to do the activity, pull the aluminum pan away from the ice.  Place your ice slide in the larger container and add the three penguins.


Ice Slide Segmenting Activity is a fun phonemic awareness game to play. This playful ice activity teaches kids to segment words which helps in learning to read.

Call out a cvc word to your child such as bug, sat or pig.  Have your child repeat the word.  Then, have him take one penguin and let it slide down the ice as he says the beginning sound he hears in the word.  If the word is dog, he would say /d/ and let the penguin slide.  Then, prompt him to take the second penguin and let it slide as he says the middle sound (/0/).  Continue with the last penguin and the ending sound.

Keep playing changing the words and giving your child more practice with segmenting words.

Have fun building phonemic awareness with this Ice Slide Segmenting Activity.

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  1. Can you imagine this on a bigger scale? I love this activity and glad I’m reading it alone cause I can see my kids trying to get me to figure out how to make a large sized ice slide just for them. Might have to take them to the park to do this. I like the beginning sound rule in order for them to go down the slide.

  2. What a great way for kids to practice their letter sounds. The reward of the penguin slide is very motivating.

  3. How fun!

  4. Such a great way to blend sounds!