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Think back to your favorite book from childhood.  That book that after all these years still evokes a feeling of pure love of reading for pleasure.

Breathe in.  Can you smell that book?  Did you know that you can even buy candles that smell like books now?  It’s true!

Remember the sound of a special person in your life reading to you?

Oh, what memories…

But fast forward to now…

Do you struggle with carving out time to read to your kids?

Do you feel like there is so much required reading, that there just isn’t time to read for pleasure?

Are you overwhelmed with all the book choices and leveling systems out there?

Do your kids find ten other things to do rather than picking up a book?

Do you struggle with how to help your kids grow into voracious readers?

It’s about nurturing our kids book by book.

The day to day grind of life can be taxing.  But, coming together over books brings us back to center.

I believe that reading to our kids every day is the single best thing we can do for them.

I believe that the side benefits of reading compound each time we share another great book.

Think of me as your personal reading guru!

I can help you:

  • Create a love of books in your home or classroom.
  • Find those just right books that will capture your child’s heart and mind.
  • Teach your child to read and more importantly love to read.
  • Foster a family of readers that consistently reads and grows together.

You can be the person who jumpstarts the reading journey for a child, and I will show you how.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Thank you for sharing such fun literacy activities and introducing me to some wonderful new books for young children!” from Judith

“I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE your blog.  look forward to your posts in my email box.  I especially love the book lists.  I am the director for a early literacy and language program…Thank you for all you do!!” from Helen

“I am so happy to have found you! Your ideas are so simple and clever! I teach grade 2, 7-8 year olds, many of whom are still learning to read.  I also have a 5-year-old pre-reader at home (boy), who is very eager and excited to read. We used your race car idea this afternoon, and even my 2-year-old son joined in!  I am hoping to use the same idea, but with high-frequency words instead of single sounds, with my class too! Thanks again for sharing your creativity and ideas!” from Jade

Imagine having a house or classroom filled with the best books to engage your kids.  Picture kids snuggled up and lost in a book.  Imagine spending time together playing literacy games and talking about great books that help to build your kids into confident and voracious readers.

When you join the Growing Book by Book community, you’ll become equipped with the tools, resources, and book recommendations needed to nurture your youngest readers.

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About Founder Jodie Rodriguez

Jodie Rodriguez is the creator of Growing Book by Book

*Educator for over 20 years- Taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, Reading Specialist, Literacy Coach, Curriculum Coordinator, Federal Programs Coordinator and most recently Head of School

*Became a National Board Certified Teacher- Early Childhood Generalist in 2003.

*Hold two advanced degrees in education and administration.

*Taught several teaching reading courses at a local university to education majors.

*Currently, staying home with my youngest readers, two sons (4 and 5).

*Early Literacy is my passion and I hope to inspire you to nurture readers in your life.


1.  I worked in a children’s bookstore when I was in college.

2.  I can still recite a list of 50 prepositions I memorized in the 5th grade. “About, above, across, after….”

3.  My favorite shows include Fixer-Upper and just about any Hallmark movie.

4.  I love to cook and bake.  But, I do not like nuts in my desserts.

5.  During grade school, I was not considered a strong reader.  The light bulb finally clicked on the summer after 8th grade.  I fell in love with the library!  Thank you to The Girls of Canby Hall!

6.  Surprise, I love to read now!  I have over 100 books about literacy development.  I also enjoy my magazine subscriptions to Cooking Light, Southern Living, Kiwi and Scholastic Parent and Child.

7.  I love to do random acts of kindness!

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Happy Growing Book by Book!


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