Mystery Mitten Letter Sound Game

It’s all about mittens today.  The Mystery Mitten Letter Sound Game builds phonological awareness and letter/sound relationships.  It’s super quick, easy, and full of fun.

This game builds phonemic awareness by addressing beginning sounds in words as well as a phonics component of matching sounds with letters.

A lively literacy game to build phonemic awareness and letter sound correspondence with a few simple materials. Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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I like to build in a read-aloud whenever I can and The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg is a fun one to read before playing this game.  Annie is missing a mitten after playing outside with her dog.  She retraces her steps looking for it until she discovers it right on a snowman she has built.  It is being held in a very special spot.

Phonemic awareness can be developed using lots of playful oral games with kids over and over.  This game is designed to be played multiple times.


Materials needed : 1 mitten, alphabet letters- We used this set of magnetic letters.

An easy letter sound game to play to with young children.

  1. Have your child close his eyes while you hide one alphabet letter in the mitten.
  2. Call out 3-4 words that begin with the letter sound.  For example, if you hid the letter t, you might call the words: town, tiger, Tuesday and ten.
  3. Ask your child to identify the sound he hears at the beginning of each of those words.  Your child may need to repeat the words you said to help with this step.
  4. Then ask, “What letter do we use to represent the /t/ sound?”  Let your child answer and pull out the mystery letter from the mitten to see if he is correct.

Repeat with a different letter and continue the same sequence of steps.  This game could be played with an individual child, in a small group or a whole group setting

Have fun building phonemic awareness and letter/sound relationships with this Mystery Mitten Letter Sound game.

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  1. Fantastic – and that books looks a wonderful read as well. We’ll have to give this a go

  2. I haven’t read this book yet. Will see if our library has a copy! Have you read one mitten yet? LOVE IT!

  3. I love this activity. My preschoolers have been walking around saying what letter words begin with, so this will be perfect for them. I am going to substitute the mitten for a wool cap though.

  4. What a fun game! Our kids will be so excited to try this out.

  5. We love hide and seek games this would be a great extension!

  6. What a fun way to learn letter sounds! It becomes more of a game for preschoolers rather than a learning activity.