Reading Comprehension: Rainbow Retelling

Proficient readers are fluent at decoding and comprehend what is read.  Reading comprehension can be nurtured long before a child begins to read on her own.

Rainbow retelling is a fun way to work on one of the basic blocks of comprehension- retelling a story.  This activity can be done with a story that a child has listened to or one that child has read on her own.

Reading Comprehension Activity

Build reading comprehension with this fun rainbow retelling bracelet. Includes a free printable from

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Making the Rainbow Retelling Bracelet

Materials needed for 1 bracelet: string or plastic lacing and 6 stringing beads (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)

1.  Measure a piece of string for the correct size to fit on the child’s wrist.

2.  String the beads  by placing the colors in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

3.  Tie the string ends together with a knot.

The retelling bracelet is ready to wear and use.

Using the Rainbow Retelling Bracelet

Time to work on reading comprehension using the rainbow retelling bracelet.

Watch this video to see how it works or read the directions below.

Tell the child that she will slide one bead over at a time beginning with red to help retell the story she just listened to or read on her own.

Review the following stem prompts with the child and model a retelling of a familiar story such as The Three Little Pigs.  I’ve included a handy sheet of the prompts that you can print and have to reference.

Rainbow Retelling Stem Prompts

Red- Ready to hear a retelling of the story? The characters in the story are…

Orange- On to where this story took place…

Yellow- You have to hear the problem in the story…

Green- Get ready for a few more details…

Blue- Better start bringing it to a close and telling you how the problem was solved…

Purple- Picking my favorite party is easy, it was when…

Next, let the child try a retelling with your assistance.  With practice, your child will begin to retell a story on her own!

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