Storytime Ideas: Splash!

Our summer storytime ideas series is winding down.  Each week we have gathered in our local park to read great books for kids together with our neighbors. This week we featured Splash! by Ann Jonas.

Storytime Ideas for Splash! by Jonas from

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Storytime Ideas: Splash!

The Book

Splash! is a counting story that takes place at a pond.  Different animals jump in and out of the pond prompting the kids to count how many things are in the pond on each two-page spread.

The Group Activities

Acting Out the Story

Necklace props for pond play from

Prior to storytime I created prop necklaces for all the characters in the book.  I cut the four goldfish and two catfish from colored foam sheets.

Then, I used plastic lids, construction paper, foam colored sheets, googly eyes and yarn to make the dog, cat, three frogs, turtle and dragonfly (Not pictured because I forgot to make this one and had to do it after I took pictures!).  I used a hole punch to create a hole at the top of each animal face.  I used yarn placed through the hole to create  a necklace.

Turtle craft necklace perfect storytime idea for Splash! or any other turtle story

At storytime, I asked for volunteers to be the characters in the story and gave them each a necklace to wear.  We spread out a blue blanket for the pond and placed the fish in the pond.  The fish stay in the pond during the entire story.

Each character stood around the pond and waited for their turn to jump in and out of the pond during the story.  The kids in the audience were the counters.

Skill building:  listening and following directions, counting


We also sang two songs about frogs- “I Have a Little Frog” and “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”.

We did “I Have a Little Frog” as a call and repeat song.  You could even blow bubbles at the end and let the kids pop them.

For “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” we used this great paper towel tube frog prop from Mel’s Corner.

Skill building: fluency and counting

Follow-Up Activities

Here are some more activities to try at home after storytime.

Pond Sensory Play

Set up this pond sensory bin from Blog Me Mom and the kids will be able to use it to retell the story and enjoy lots of pond pretend play.

Turtle Snack

This turtle snack from Meet the Dubiens is super quick and healthy!

Splash Party

Host a Splash Party similar to the one created for lots of outdoor wet play.

Frog Counting

Practice more counting with this frog activity from Rainy Day Mum.

Books about Counting

Check out these Counting Books in the Garden  from Growing Book by Book or these 31 Counting Books from No Time for Flashcards.

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